Centuries ago, the Silver Queen of the Heavens returned to her wayward children. Forgiving them for their sins of faithlessness, She offered them an escape from what was to be absolute destruction by their own ruthless deeds. Having fled lands poisoned by plague and tortured with arcane devastation, the Empire sailed across the Endless Sea and found their promised land.

Now, the Golden Empire of the Sun is barely more than a ruined shadow of its former glory. All that remains of the once-massive Empire are a handful of small kingdoms scattered across the shores of the Inner Dreamsea amidst the ruins of an ancient unknown civilization.

Dark rumors whisper that the noble houses fear an uprising once again, when peasants self-taught in the ways of magic shall challenge their hereditary right to rule by sorcery. Massive temples dedicated to the capricious gods have been constructed and power-hungry priests demand obedience. With the efficiency of the Golden Legions deadlocked by the unforgiving Imperial Senate, many are counting the days until the Empress is cast down from the Dragonthrone.